Kawaakari Dojo is located at 8030 Sacramento Street, Fair Oaks California.

Our Aikido program is centered mainly on Iwama style, but orthodox Iwama practitioners may find subtle differences from kata. Students are taught proper body mechanics and martial principles given in the Japanese martial traditions. While self-defense is important, it is not the main goal of the dojo. The main goal is to execute the skillful practice of aikido as both a physical and mental discipline. Inquiries into the either the Aikido or Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu program should be conducted through dojo email

Aikido is not a martial art that a practitioner can become skillful in quickly, it requires patience, active attention to instruction, and repeated practice in order to absorb the nuances required for balance, coordination, and quick adaptive reaction.

Students will be required to comply with California health code directives. As the state changes policy regarding any communicable disorders, the dojo will likewise change. Students will also be required to keep good hygiene practices while interacting with other participants at the dojo.